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LATEST NEWS - March 2015

Sucecss story of SILENTWOOD project will continue in the frame of new Horizon 2020 project named ECO-SILENTWOOD, which will started in April or May 2015. The project will be dedicated to develop cost competitive eco-friendly and acoustic wooden doors for indoor applications and to ensure visible market share of the European doors market for dwelling building, education and sanitation centres.



NEWS - March 2014

At Home Fair 2014, MELU d.o.o. were presented the advanced internal sound insulation door under brand ECO-SILENTWOOD. Doors have been developed in European R & D project of 7th Framework Programme SILENTWOOD.

eco-silentwood-DOM fair 2014



NEWS - October 2013


The SILENTWOOD project has been promoted in the latest edition of the SME Update, the online newsletter from the European Commission.
SILENTWOOD is featured there as the Success Story of the 18th edition.
Please check the link below where you can find the article about our project:



NEWS - April 2013

After testing acoustically and mechanically the different new materials from November 2012 to February 2013, the prototypes, manufactured by our partners ARTEMA Puertas, S.A., MELU d.o.o. and Falegnameria Valsecchi S.A.S. where finally tested in February-April 2013 at the Centro Tecnológico de la Madera de Castilla la Mancha premises. The tests carried out confirmed the acoustic performances (airborne sound insluation) and fire resistance of the materials and structure: acoustic performances exceeded the initial requirements of 30 dBA (reaching almost reach 40 dB) and the prototypes achieved a classification EI130 (fire resistance). Prototype 01  



· Kick-off Meeting of the SILENTWOOD Consortium, 10th of June 2010, Madrid, Spain;
         KOM 2

· 2nd Meeting of the SILENTWOOD Consortium, 26-27th of January 2011, Stockholm, Sweden;
         Meeting2 3

· SILENTWOOD Consortium Review Meeting with the REA, 18th of July 2011, Brussels, Belgium;
          Meeting Brussels 1

· 3rd Meeting of the SILENTWOOD Consortium, 26th of January 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
           Meeting3 2

· 4th Meeting of the Consortium, 8th of November 2012, Toledo, Spain;
           Meeting4 2

· 5th Meeting of the Consortium, 12th of March 2013, Toledo, Spain;
           Meeting5 1

· 6th Meeting of the SILENTWOOD Consortium, 12th of June 2013, Milan, Italy.
           Final 3


1. November 2010: O.T.R.I. Days - Sector Madera y Mueble, Toledo, Spain

2. September 2011: 5th International Symposium on Wood Fibre Polymer Composites, Biarritz, France

3. October 2011: O.T.R.I. Days - Sector Madera y Mueble, Toledo, Spain

4. November 2011: Slovenian Forest-Based Research Day Ljubljana, Slovenia

5. January 2012: Polyclose Fair, Gent, Belgium

6. January 2012: Swissbau Fair, Basel, Switzerland

7. January 2012: Presentation of the project at BUDMA - Building Trade in Poznan, Poland

8. February 2012: Bautec Fair, Berlin, Germany

9. March 2012: Fensterbau Frontale 2012, Nuremberg, Germany

10. March 2012: Nordbygg (Nordic Building & Construction Fair ), Stockholm, Sweden

11. March 2012: Fair Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

12. April 2012: International Building Fair, Brno, Czech Republic

13. April 2012: 51st Milan International Furniture Exhibition: “Salone del Mobile”, Milan, Italy

14. May 2012: SPPD Presentation of the project on meeting of Polish Door and Windows Producers Association

15. May 2012: Construtec 2012, Madrid, Spain

16. October 2012: MADE EXPO Milano, Italy

17. October 2012: Rosenheimer Fenstertage 2012, Rosenheim, Germany

18. November 2012: Annual Activities Dissemination Meeting 2012 (IX Jornadas O.T.R.I.), Toledo, Spain

19. November 2012: 2nd Research day of Slovenian Forest-based sector organizing in the frame of Ljubljana Furniture Fair, Slovenia

20. November 2012: WIC Presentation of the project on meeting of the Board of Slovenian Wood Industry and Furniture association, Ljubljana, Slovenia

21. January 2013: International Construction Fair, including the WinDor Fair, Poznań, Poland

22. March 2013: General Assembly the Wood Based Panels Producers Asscoation of Poland

23. March 2013: Fair Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

24. April 2013: Innovawood & UNECE/FAO, "Innovation in the Forest-Based Sector – Prerequisite for the Green Economy", Geneva, Switzerland

25. April 2013: DREMA Interational Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Woodworking and Furniture Industries, Poznań, Poland

26. May 2013: Innovation as the source of values in the forestry, wood processing and furniture manufacturing, Gdansk, Poland

27. September 2013: Complas XII: XII International Conference on Computational Plasticity Fundamentals and Applications, Barcelona, Spain

28. September 2013: 6th International Symposium on Wood Fibre Polymer Composites, Biarritz, France

29. November 2013: Presentation of the SILENTWOOD project on the 3rd Research day of Slovenian Forest-based sector, Ljubljana, Slovenia

30. November 2013: Annual Activities Dissemination Meeting 2013 (X Jornadas O.T.R.I.)